And finally – a new undergound station for London

The Londonist is, as the name suggests, a blog about all things London. it is not particularly construction oriented but today one of its reporters is very excited to post a blog about the imminent opening of the new Tottenham Court Road underground station. He does a pretty good job and includes a great graphic explaining the geometry of the new station. 

What he is talking about is the underground rather than Crossrail (the new Crossrail station is opening next door), and it is only part of the underground station – just one of the two lines. But for those who have seen central London disrupted for what seems forever by the giant works going on, it is great to see something happening. Even though this is not Crossrail, I think that project was the driver for the improvements. And it is good to be reminded that eventually all this noise and inconveniences actually results in something that can make life better. 






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