Let’s table a change

If you were looking for inspiration for a new dining table, you could do worse than go to 100% Design, the interiors show in Earls Court that is looking sprucer and more ‘designy’ than in years. You would probably not decide however to buy ‘Worldscape’ by Atmos Studios, although it is for sale.

Crucially, it is designed by an architect not a furniture designer. Although not ‘practical’ in the usual sense, it has been used, since Atmos designed it amazingly fast to host ‘world dinners’ in the run up to the Olympics last year. It is a representation of a map projection of the world, with all important heights and depths represented, and depressions of varying sizes to represent cities.

It is a work of imagination and enterprise, and yet was really a sideshow in the life of an already busy architect, with some award-winning buildings. You may have to be almost insanely dedicated to undertake a project like this, but it certainly makes life more interesting, and beats sitting around waiting for the work to come in. I really wish I had been to one of the dinners. Perhaps the new owner would like to stage some more?


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