Bah humbug for the Garden Bridge?

Bah humbug for the Garden Bridge?

It’s nearly Christmas and we should all be feeling positive about things. Right? Well, not where the garden bridge is concerned it seems. On Facebook, Dusty Gedge, the moving spirit behind green roofs, joins in the debate about London’s proposed garden bridge. He is referring to an article in the Telegraph which is the latest to take issue with an idea that, on the surface, is immensely appealing.

The problem is not only the position (many question if we need another crossing there when there obvious deficiencies further along the river) but the nature of the bridge. It will be a massive, and massively expensive, piece of engineering. And while engineering feats are to be applauded, in this case one does wonder what for?

Thomas Heatherwick and Dan Pearson will doubtless produce something lovely, but of what nature? There is talk about ticketing and of corporate days and of only allowing small groups to go on it. This is not a bridge and it is not a piece of infrastructure. It is a tourist attraction in an area that is hardly short of them. And it is not the High Line, which is long and, crucially, adapts an existing disused piece of infrastructure.

Dusty Gedge on Facebook says, ‘This is London competing with NYC re the Highline. When I bought this all up at a conference I was told that London was desperate – yes desperate – for a tourist attraction!!!!!!! I am sorry this is nonsense. And they call it sustainable  #green  infrastructure????!!!!!!’

Of course it is specious to say that the money could better be spent on many gardens in many places, because it just wouldn’t be. England has a great tradition of follies but they have always been one man’s idea (I think always a man) and at one man’s expense, in an out of the way place. London doesn’t need one and  it doesn’t need this garden bridge. Let’s enjoy the glorious visuals and one day they can go into a book (if books still exist) of unbuilt London, for the amusement of future generations.

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