When old news is best

Who on earth would blog about a project that is six years old?

Who on earth would blog about a project that is six years old? Surely that is old news, one for the back of the portfolio, not something to bang on about now? FIRA Landscape disagrees, and it is right to do so.

There is a story on its blog about the success it has had in encouraging dormice to breed on the wildlife bridge that it built over  the A21 Lamberhurst bypass on the approach to Scotney Castle.

Such successes take time to happen, so are worth celebrating when they do. And it seems particularly relevant today, with so much discussion over Heatherwick’s proposed living bridge across the Thames. By finding a new angle, older projects can become relevant.

But I said six years old, didn’t I? And this project was completed in 2006 which is more like eight years ago. Has something gone wrong with my arithmetic? Not at all. The blog post was in 2012, but I have only just come across it because somebody on twitter picked it up. It is important to update blogs regularly but it is also worth remembering that sometimes stories have an afterlife when people stumble across them – in the same way that the most viewed story on the BBC website is occasionally some bizarre tale from several months ago that people have rediscovered.

Social media may be all about the now – but sometimes they can be about the then as well.

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