No excuse for getting up late

You won’t have to worry if your watch stops or your phone battery runs out, if you are staying in this special hotel room in Ghent, Belgium. Called the Hotel Gent, it is a project by Japanese artist Tazu Rous, who has constructed a temporary room around the clock tower of the historic station. Presumably the clock doesn’t strike, or visitors would have to be issued with ear plugs.

These temporary hotel rooms are all the rage. David Kohn’s ‘Room for London’ in the form of a ship is perched on top of the Hayward Gallery for the whole of this year.

Both would be fun to stay in, but I think that Kohn’s is superior, as it enhances the building on which it stands. Ghent’s clock tower appears to be wrapped in temporary scaffolding. And is there nobody in the town who actually likes to consult the station clock? Rous may be responsible for a few missed trains.





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