The campaign against Olympic gagging

I can’t stop smiling at the photograph of Hattie Hartman, sustainability editor of The Architects’ Journal, sporting the Olympic protest dress.

The absurdity of the ban on designers promoting the work they have done on the project becomes more obvious by the day. I was with the several members of the landscape team on the Olympic Park yesterday. Visitors to the site have been stunned by just how gorgeous the landscape is, and it will be an indisputable treasure of the legacy – in an area starved of outdoor space it will be a tremendous asset, and it is also a pathfinder for sustainable design. Yet they, like the architects and engineers, have been subjected to these ridiculous gagging orders. Only now are some of them starting to relax their constraints a little.

Let us hope that by the time we get to the Paralympics we can celebrate everybody – athletes and also the design teams without whom none of it could have happened.







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