Underneath the arches

When we think about how fast London is changing, we tend to think first about towers and about the myriads of flats that are being built. And, of course, this is true, and the skyline is being transformed.

But there are other changes as well. Last week Time Out, the magazine that chronicles London life, celebrated the myriad things that are happening in the capital's railway arches, saying, 'You can eat, drink, rave, shop, sweat and more in London’s railway arches'. What it didn't discuss was the fact that many are now being used as office spaces.

Coincidentally, I walked along Great Suffolk Street on Friday. This is a road that leads to Tate Modern, and it has had a real spruce up, including the glazing of numerous railway arches.

Double-height, well-lit spaces, a little quirky and not for the shy. Who do you imagine is occupying them? Architects, of course.