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the Walk on Rooflight

Manufactured from a one-piece stainless steel design, Walk on Rooflights maximise natural light whilst providing a safe, external platform overhead, suitable for residential purposes.

Fine, aesthetically pleasing appearance

  • Fixed shut providing safety and sleek lines
  • Standard colours are:  Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey and White
  • 105 mm above the kerb, designed to be installed flush within a timber decked roof construction


High standard of performance

  • External domestic use only, suitable for residential purposes not exceeding the loading of 1.4 kN Concentrated Load and 1.5 kN/m2 Uniformed Distributed Load
  • Achieves a whole window u-value (Uw) of 1.3Wm2K in accordance with EN ISO 10077-2:2012. The u-value results are for the smaller of the two standard windows defined in EN 14351-1 (size 1.23m wide x 1.48m high; vertical orientation). 
  • Manufactured from 3 mm stainless steel
  • Built to ISO 9001 in our UK factory
  • Thermally decoupled lining ensures condensation control


Glazing specification

  • Incorporates an IGU manufactured to BS EN 1279.
  • External outer glazing surface finishes available, providing a slip co-efficiency for ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ conditions above the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) recommendation


Long life, low maintenance

  • Robust 3 mm stainless steel design with protective layer and polyester powder coating
  • 12 years guarantee on rooflight frame
  • 5 years on the Insulated Glazed Unit

Versatile and easy to install

  • Suitable for most flat roof constructions
  • Standard sizes available ranging from finished internal kerbs of 400 mm (w) x 400 mm minimum and 1500 mm (w) x 1500 mm (l) maximum
  • Bespoke solutions created for most project requirements

If you are choosing rooflights for a property in an industrial or maritime area or which is subject to a potentially corrosive or polluted environment call our Customer Services team on 01993 833 155 and ask about the different material specifications we offer to suit your specific needs.