• "The Planning Officer in Rother was very strict about what materials could and couldn't be used on ...

    – Marta Nowicka, Interior Architect
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  • “We worked with Planning Officers who encouraged us to use a roof system that was as close in design ...

    – Paul Snell, Owner and Main Contractor
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  • “I was able to work with the Rooflight Company closely on the complicated design brief, the Rooflight ...

    – Elliot Payne
    Elliot Payne Architecture
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  • “I worked closely with my builder throughout all of our home improvements. The loft conversion alone ...

    – Mr Evans, Homeowner
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  • We struggled to find a solution that didn't have a huge upstand. To have a roof window supplier that ...

    – Mat Davies, Estates Director
    SAID Business School
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  • For our house we wanted a rooflight that had a completely minimal appearance internally, with the ...

    – Ian Hogarth, Architect
    Hogarth Architects
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  • We chose the Rooflight Company for this project as we felt there was great potential to combine a frameless roof window with a solar PV panel in a modular form. It was rewarding to work with a like-minded forward thinking company and we believe we’ve jointly created a unique and aesthetically pleasing ...

    – Simon Merrony, Architect
    Simon Merrony Architects
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  • neo™ was the ideal choice for this project. It is the simplest looking roof window available which ...

    – Craig Bamford, Architect
    SASA Works
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  • The vertical screen is 3.3m divided into three sections of 1.1m each. As I did not think one could have the width in a rooflight, my planning drawings originally contained a central glazing bar making the rooflight 6 panes of glass, each measuring approximately 600mm.

    The collaboration with ...

    – Giuliano Todeschini, Architect
    Giuliano Todeschini Architect
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  • I would like to thank you for the personal service you offered us and the time you took to ensure ...

    – Homeowner
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  • The roof windows provide the perfect high level natural lighting solution, flooding the building with ...

    – Robert Allerton, Architect
    RA Architects
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  • We looked into various products from Germany as well as Switzerland but they didn't allow us to achieve ...

    – Karsten Huneck, Architect
    KHBT LLP London
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  • I specified the Rooflight Company due to their reputation for high quality products and excellent ...

    – Liz Fuggle, Architect
    Burnett Pollock Architects
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  • I believe the Conservation Rooflight® is a better ...

    – Nigel Buckie, Architect
    Object Architecture
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  • "We wanted to create a barn-like aesthetic; a single storey of stonework with a steep-pitched roof ...

    – Michael Marshall
    Adrian James Architects
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  • The Plateau Walk on Rooflight was researched and specified by Tom Man from Peroli Man Architects as ...

    – Steve
    Rayner Ltd (Contractor)
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  • The rooflights were specified because of their aesthetic appearance. It was essential that they be ...

    – Richard Ellis, Project Architect
    Purcell Miller Tritton
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  • We were aware of the Rooflight Company's work on conservation style replacement roof windows and required ...

    – Richard Woolf
    McDaniel Woolf Architects
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  • Adrian explains why he chose the Rooflight Company, "I'd never used the Rooflight Company before but ...

    – Adrian Morrow, Architect
    Adrian Morrow Architects
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  • We specified the Conservation Rooflight® as we felt it suited both areas of the client brief; remain sympathetic to the Victorian heritage yet still a contemporary roof window. We will be looking to specify the Rooflight Company again on future ...

    – Andreja Beric, Director
    Twist In Architecture
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