Installation Drawings

Please note this page contains installation drawings for all ranges which were purchased before July 2013.

Please select your rooflight:

The Conservation Rooflight®

(Post January 2011*)
DWG File
(Post January 2011*)
(Pre 2011)
DWG File
(Pre 2011)
ColdFlush SlateDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
WarmPantileContact UsContact UsDownloadDownload
ColdPantileContact UsContact UsDownloadDownload
SarkingSarkingContact UsContact UsDownloadDownload
LeadLeadContact UsContact UsDownloadDownload
WarmClay, Flashing KitDownloadDownloadContact UsContact Us
ColdClay, Flashing KitDownloadDownloadContact UsContact Us
WarmSlate, Flashing KitDownloadDownloadContact UsContact Us
ColdSlate, Flashing KitDownloadDownloadContact UsContact Us
ColdSlate, Soakers Between the rafterContact UsContact UsContact UsContact Us

*The Conservation Rooflight®(With integrated casement linings from Jan 2011)

The Conservation Egress and Access Rooflight

Roof*TilePDFDWG File
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Warm SlateContact UsContact Us
Cold SlateDownloadDownload
ColdFlush SlateDownloadDownload
WarmPantileContact UsContact Us
ColdPantileContact UsContact Us
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WarmClay, Flashing KitContact UsContact Us
ColdClay, Flashing KitContact UsContact Us
WarmSlate, Flashing Kit Contact UsContact Us
ColdSlate, Flashing Kit Contact UsContact Us

neo Steel

Roof*TilePDFDWG File
WarmClayDownloadContact Us
ColdClayDownloadContact Us
WarmSlateDownloadContact Us
Cold Slate DownloadContact Us
Warm Clay DownloadContact Us
ColdClay DownloadContact Us
Warm Slate DownloadContact Us
Cold SlateDownloadContact Us
ColdSlateDownloadContact Us
Standing SeamStanding SteamDownloadContact Us

neo Fortecom®

Roof*TilePDFDWG File
WarmClay DownloadDownload
Cold ClayDownloadDownload
Cold ClayDownloadDownload
WarmSlateDownloadContact Us
Cold SlateDownloadDownload

The Plateau Rooflight 

Roof*TilePDFDWG File

The Walk on Rooflight 

Roof*TilePDFDWG File
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The Lantern Rooflight, The Pyramid Rooflight and The Polyedge Rooflight 

Roof*TilePDFDWG File
Cold LeadDownloadDownload

The Added Security Rooflight 

Roof*TilePDFDWG File
Cold LeadContact UsContact Us

The Secured by Design Rooflight 

Roof*TilePDFDWG File
ColdLeadContact UsContact Us

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