Val King, Chair of the Rooflight Company is a keen volunteer mentor at Oxford Business Mentors. She comments on the experience: “I get a huge amount of satisfaction from helping the clients I work with, as well as learning so much from them.”  

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Running your own business is an emotional roller-coaster.  As one of our clients said “I can lie awake all night worrying about the problems, the debt, the difficult employee, or a hundred other things. Then when I get to the office, and open the post, and find an order for £5,000 the elation is palpable. I know someone believes in me.” 

Few people understand what it is like to run a business. It is very hard to talk about the stress and anxiety, or indeed about the excitement, when no one really understands. Running a business can be a very lonely place.

The Oxford Business Mentors do understand all of this because we all run our own businesses too. We offer you our business experience. We will listen to you, and by asking powerful questions we can help you to see things differently. 

Visit  to enquire about finding a mentor or if you would like to volunteer as a mentor.

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