Mottisfont Abbey Visitors Centre

Mottisfont Abbey is a National Trust owned site in Hampshire with over 250,000 visitors per annum. Burd Haward Archiects were appointed to the scheme in 2010 after winning an invited design competition. The winning design showcases two buildings which are home to the visitors entrance, cafe and shop joined by an open courtyard leading on to a purpose built walk-way to the main Mottisfont House.

Each new area has been designed to reflect the existing agricultural and forestry buildings on the estate and has been finished with timber and cor-ten steel cladding designed to rust to provide the the steel underneath with protection as well as incorporate the warm colour palletes in the main house.


Burd Haward Architects specified eight Bespoke Trapezoidal Rooflights each fitted with motors to allow the ventilation into the public areas below.

"We specified the Rooflight Company because we were impressed by the attention to details and quality of construction of their rooflights. We also needed a company that could supply a bespoke product and so worked closely with their design department to develop a rooflight that would dovetail with the rest of our design."
Buddy Haward, Burd Haward Architects

Mottisfont Abbey Visitors Centre was awarded a RIBA South Award in 2016.

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