Founded by architect, Peter King RIBA, the Rooflight Company created the original Conservation Rooflight® which today remains the best product in its class.

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The Rooflight Company

Founded in 1993 by architect, Peter King RIBA, the Rooflight Company created the original Conservation Rooflight® which continues to lead the marketplace as the best product in its class. Today, this award-winning organisation is rapidly developing in the field of contemporary architecture and interior design. This was underlined when the Rooflight Company commenced production of its innovation - neo™.

Featuring a sleek design and flush edge-to-edge glazing, neo™ has unique properties and a frameless, minimalist appearance which complement modern architecture perfectly. Designed entirely from the specifier's point of view, its clean lines merge unobtrusively with the roof and provide unobscured views from the interior.

The Rooflight Company offers a wide range of innovative, market focused and design-led products for the marketplace. Underpinned by this ethos of innovative design, it is continuously evolving its product range and breaking new ground with its acclaimed, industry-leading concepts.

Company Ethos

The culture here is one of developing people to their full potential, with all training and development funded by the company. We also believe in having a good time both in and out of work and showing respect for each other, our customers and suppliers.

Our Co-Chairman, Val King actively supports the Fairtrade movement and we run a number of charity events throughout the year.

We are constantly seeking new ways of doing things, with innovation and great design underpinning everything we set out to achieve.

The Rooflight Company on Fairtrade Friday 6th March 2009 

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