Drawing on history and the future

Architect Sam Jacob has written a long and thoughtful piece for Metropolis on the 'post-digital age of drawing'. There is quite a lot of fairly difficult theoretical argument in his piece, but the gist is that, sometime after we had all thought that computers had killed drawing, it is making a comeback as a means of representing buildings.

Of course, architects drawing today make use of all the tools that they have at hand - this is not a reversion to the means of some golden age. Perhaps, despite all the argument, it is really quite simple. Architects like to draw, and in a way a drawing is more honest. More and more effort goes into representations in Photoshop and yet we are being made to see something that is not quite real, and not quite as it will be.

Better surely to be seduced by the drawing, in the knowledge that that is what is happening, than fooled by the seemingly more precise image?

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