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Design Process

Special buildings require Bespoke rooflights. Whether it is to exactly fit the irregular underlying structures of an historic building, or to compliment an innovative modern design, bespoke rooflights accentuate a building's character. In a world dominated by the mass-produced a bespoke rooflight from The Rooflight Company can set a design apart with its minimalist lines and custom colour options.

Where there are unusual brief requirements for a rooflight, the Rooflight Company relishes a challenge. We manufacture rooflights to provide access/egress, specially improved sound attenuation and thermal insulation.

When it comes to historic buildings we have an unrivalled reputation for careful reproduction along existing lines, and designing new rooflights to fit sensitively into existing structures. Bespoke projects include the Royal Society, London and the National Library for Scotland, Edinburgh.

Click here to view our Bespoke Case Studies.

Bespoke rooflights can:

  • be any size, shape or colour
  • be installed to pitched or flat roofs of virtually any roof finish
  • incorporate virtually any type, colour, opacity or pattern of glazing. Double glazing panels carry a five year guarantee
  • be made to fit closely to virtually any existing structure
  • have virtually any finish regime depending upon appearance and longevity requirements. We can also manufacture in stainless steel.

Bespoke rooflights benefit from all the characteristics of the rooflights detailed in this brochure, including tested weathertightness, the patented Thermoliner® thermally decoupled lining and protective finishes.

Simply discuss your requirements or send drawings to our experienced design team.
Our CAD and 3D modelling capability ensure that Special rooflights are carefully and accurately designed. With 3D modelling you are able to easily visualise the end product.

Contact our Bespoke Department to discuss your requirements on 01993 833117 or 01993 833140 or click here to request a Quotation .