The Walk on Rooflight

Manufactured from a one-piece stainless steel design, Walk on Rooflights maximise natural light whilst providing a safe, external platform overhead, suitable for residential purposes.

The Benefit of Experience

Over 20 years’ knowledge, testing and design skill goes into every rooflight that we design and manufacture. Built in our West Oxfordshire workshop by our highly skilled team of craftsmen, every step of the build process is closely monitored to ensure our high standards are met.

All of our ranges benefit from the following:

  • All our pitched roof windows are CE marked in accordance with EN14351- 1:2006+A1:2010
  • All frames can be colour-matched to any RAL or BS paint colour
  • A patented Thermoliner® technology made from UPVC ensures condensation control
  • Moisture resistant linings which sit flush to the reveal and can be finished to blend with the internal décor
  • Glazing options that include self-cleaning, privacy and solar-control
  • Designed and assembled in the UK
  • Built to ISO9001 in our UK Factory

Why specify the Walk on Rooflight?

Fine, aesthetically pleasing appearance

  • Fixed shut providing safety and sleek lines
  • 105 mm above the kerb, designed to be installed flush within a timber decked roof construction
  • External domestic use only, suitable for residential purposes not exceeding the loading of 2.0 kN Concentrated Load and 1.5 kN/m2 Uniformed Distributed Load
  • Robust 3 mm stainless steel design with protective layer and polyester powder coating
  • External outer glazing surface finishes available, providing a slip co-efficiency for ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ conditions above the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) recommendation
  • Incorporates an IGU manufactured to BS EN 1279.

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