A tiny home may be the best option

There is a lot of concern these days about just how small new homes are, and the ridiculous prices that buyers or renters are having to pay. But some tiny homes in Scotland are coming from a completely different direction. 

TinyHouse Scotland is the brainchild of designer Jonathan Avery, who has been influenced by the Tiny House movement in the US (yes, I know, many of the houses there are huge, but this seems to be the reaction). He has come up with a house that is small but permanent, and designed to high standards.

His designs gained prominence in an article in The Observer this weekend, discussing the work of social entrepreneur Josh Littlejohn. He started with a business called Small Bites, which makes sandwiches, and rapidly began to employ homeless people.

Then he decided he was approaching the problem from the wrong end, and that the issue was the homelessness. As a result, he is creating a village for the homeless, and plans to use Avery's designs. If these were 'just' tiny homes, it would seem rather patronising, but Littlejohn plans to have a community, with shared facilities and, crucially work.

Fingers crossed, this may do some good, and the tiny homes, apparently beautifully designed, will play their part. 

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