A hidden gem of a church

One of the joys of living in London (and I have lived here almost all my life) is stumbling upon places that are not far from the areas you know, but still almost completely hidden. Not hidden from everybody of course, but from you - ie from me.

I had a recent experience of this when I was meeting some friends in Kennington, just south of the river. My route to an unknown pub took me past first of all a community garden (charming even if the honey was ridiculously expensive), through a park with wonderful railings and then past Lorrimore Square. Which has at its centre the most marvellous church.

Not only is it not unknown, it is Grade II listed. There is a really interesting description of its history, and of the restoration of the surrounding square, on the Twentieth Century Society website

We are used to having wonderful old churches in London, but to see a marvel like this, consecrated in 1960, was a welcome surprise. Which London is full of. After a swift drink we went to a Kazakh restaurant, hidden behind the corridors of a very unassuming hotel in a scruffy part of town. I think Doctor Johnson had a point...

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